It can be a stressful experience
sending your child for
overseas studies

We are parents too and we look after all the details in Singapore and we provide regular reports so you do not have to worry. 

iPGA is a full service provider for everything your child would need as they come to Singapore to study.

Why you should choose iPGA.

As parents around the world can attest, sending a child overseas for education is no small decision to take. This overseas experience for the child can last between two to more years of being away from home. Yet for many varied reasons, purposes and circumstance, parents are having to make this important and difficult choice – sometimes, more than once in each family!


We make it easy for you. Just one price and it covers all the basics for your child. We make it easy. 


 We are committed to working with you to help your child achieve their best and get the most out of their stay in Singapore.


Our goal is to take care of all the details so your child can excel and you can have peace of mind. 

Our Services

We provide safe comfortable accommodation,  an integration program, school preparation, Academic help and guardianship all the while keeping the parents updated with regular reports. All this for a single price


 Private homestay with guidance of live in mentors 

  • Private homestay with meals, laundry & cleaning services 
  • Transportation to & from schools to be included as required 
  • Residential live in mentors for daily supervision
  • Maximum 2 students per room 


IPGA will help our foreign students assimilate and integrate into Singapore’s local culture and education system. 

  • We introduce them to the different aspects of Singapore and answer any questions they may have.
  • We will put in every effort to help them be able to understand local culture and settle in.
  • Going to a new school in a new country can be daunting. Our iPGA mentors will be there every step of the way.

Academic guidence

This is a very important aspect of the students’ lives and our guardians will take a keen involvement in :

  • Consultation and advice: We will understand the students’ academic and career aspiration to advise them on the courses to take and the school to go to.  
  • We would help the parents to chart out an academic roadmap for the child with the aim to help the child succeed in the studies for his/ her future goals 
  • Tuition: On an optional basis, the guardian would also assist the child in strengthening the understanding and knowledge of some subjects through tuitions and support before the student enter the school. 


Our experienced guardians also seek to represent your child’s interests as they study here. 

  • We provide administrative assistance in all regards from school to travel arrangements to overseas arrangements 
  • We will also provide nurturing and guidance as your shild grows up under our care. 
  • Reporting: along the way we will also send regular reports to you so you always know how your child is doing in all areas. 


Continue to be there for your child through us.

You want the best for your child and so you have sent your child overseas to get an education but the tradeoff is that you won’t be there to guide your child or help your child overcome the problems he might face. We share your concerns and fully understand that it is not just about getting a good education, therefore, each of our guardians are personally involved in the child’s life and are always available 24/7 to help them through the challenges of living, studying and growing up in a
foreign country.

Our 3 step plan for your peace of mind


Schedule a Consultation

We’ll get to know your goals and provide you with customized plan for your child to achieve those goals

We implement your plan

We implement your plan, taking care of the details,welcoming your child and making sure everything is in place for them to settle in comfortably. 

You Get Regular Reports

As we progress and spend time with your child, we will keep you updated about your child’s progress via regular reports so that you are kept updated.

iPGA All Inclusive Plan

  • Accomodation
  • Integration program
  • School preparation program
  • Academic roadmap and progress supervision
  • Guardianship
  • Regular reporting

To find out a complete list of what we provide, just fill in the form and we will get back to you

We've helped thousands of students integrate, excel and grow in their time of studying in Singapore.

Our guardians have over 20 years of helping students with managing their emotions, time, relationships and even finances and everything in between.
We have developed a program to help a young person grow up to be adults with good character, positive values and contributing to the community in the future.

A Letter From Our Founders

Dear Parent,

As parents, you send your child overseas to study so that your child can have the best possible chance to succeed in life but when your child is overseas, it can be stressful because you cannot be there for them.

Like you, I’m a parent of my children and I want the best for them. I also have spent many years working with parents who have sent their children overseas to study and am aware of the challenges they face.

Therefore, We started IPGA as a one stop all-in-one program to give you peace of mind when your child is away from you. We know what it is like to have to deal with different providers and liase with multiple parties but not knowing how your child is actually doing.

At IPGA, we have one point of contact for your child and we also provide you with regular reports so that you are kept updated on how your child is doing. Not only do we take responsibility for your child’s physical well being, we also provide proper adult guidance while their parents are not with them. This is especially true at this critical period of their lives just before they become adults.

Please join me and my team in this journey of nurturing and mentoring the next generation of resilient, respectful and responsible adults for leadership in the communities and societies.


David & Amy Ang

The people behind iPGA

Every member on our guardian’s team has been hand-picked for the role. They are experienced guardians, mentors, educators, and trainers. We only pick the best to work with us to ensure your child gets the support needed to get ahead in life.


David Ang

David Ang is the Founder & CEO of IPGA Pte Ltd. He is married to Amy for 24 years with 3 children (15,17 & 21 years old). Being passionate about raising the next generation, David is involved in leading committees to promote family lives and strong fatherhood.

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Amy Ang

Amy Ang is the Co-Founder of IPGA Pte Ltd. She is also the Executive Director & Guardian Mentor. She is married to David for 24 years with 3 children (15,17 & 21 years old). Deeply passionate about caring and nurturing children, she has been involved in children’s works and was a MOE school teacher before becoming a full time homemaker for her children when they were born.

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Alison Lim

Alison is a Guardian Mentor and Director for Learning and Development at IPGA. She is married to Albert and they have 3 children.

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Benjamin Chan Chee Chew

Benjamin is a Guardian Mentor, married to kathleen with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Benjamin has held leadership positions in community related organisations and has deep experience in reaching out to the communities and families.

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Joseph Oh

Joseph obtained a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic in 1985. Upon graduation, he worked as a Supervisor in a Semi-conductor Company for two years, a Design Engineering in a local automation company and a Project ....

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Joni Yuen

Joni is married for 26 years to Joseph Oh. They have two boys aged 23 and 19 and a girl aged 21.

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Wee Boon Choon

For a large part of his career as inflight supervisor for our national airline, Wee Boon Choon was flying and away from his family for a large part of the time. He was not home as much as he would have liked when his elder son Joshua was growing up....

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Lim Puay Yin

Lim Puay Yin is a Master Teacher of Geography at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. She is passionate about geography education, and teacher growth and development. Her interests are in learning and teaching for conceptual understanding, geographical ....

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Barry Chua

Barry Chua is married to Lim Puay Yin for 28 years and together they have four adult children Julianne, Bryan, Christianne and Marianne aged between 27 to 23 years old.

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A Caring Guardian A Personal Mentor.

We combine the wisdom and care of a supportive guardian with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 mentor to support not only the education of your child, but also the growth of your child.