Our all in one peace of mind package

The next best thing to being there yourself.

Why would parents and families need the services of iPGA?

Sending your child overseas to study can be stressful because there are so many details to take care of. We want the best for our children but we cannot be there all the time to help them.

So why not choose IPGA?  We have created a one-stop all in one program to give you peace of mind when your child is away from you. We look after every little detail so your child can focus on doing well and you can have the peace of mind that every need is taken care of with our regular reports.


Acommodation is  top of mind for many parents. With IPGA, you can be  assured of comfortable safe accomodation 

  • Private homestay with guidance of live in mentors
  • Private homestay with meals, laundry & cleaning services
  • Transportation to & from schools to be included as required
  • Residential live in mentors for daily supervision
  • Maximum 2 students per room

Academic Preparation

This is a very important aspect of the students’ lives and our guardians will take a keen involvement in their school life.

  • we would work with parents to chart out an academic roadmap for the child with the aim to help the child succeed in the studies for his/ her future goals
  • We will then work with your child to try to achieve those goals and provide regular reports so you can keep track of your child's progress.
  • Tuition: On an optional basis, the guardian would also assist the child in strengthening the understanding and knowledge of some subjects through tuition and support before the student enter the school.


Being in  a foreign country can be challenging. We  have help many students  get on their feet  and get acclimatized in Singapore. 

  • IPGA will help our foreign students assimilate and integrate into Singapore’s local culture and specific features of Singapore. This is from history, environment, food and cultural behaviour standpoint.
  • Besides being exposed to the other cultures of other countries in the school, they will get to learn about the racial & religious harmony aspects of Singapore.
  • Understanding the local culture not only help them to settle down more easily but also help them to broaden their minds about other nationalities and their specific cultures
  • Besides the above, we will bring them for family meals and this gives them a taste of family life and home cooked food which they may miss.
  • IPGA would also organise gatherings & outings for the foreign students under their care for community experience, outings during holidays or weekends


  • Assist students in matters on all matters pertaining settling down and living in Singapore.
  • To update parents as needed on any matters relating to the child
  • To act and responding situation of emergency or crisis, health, medical or otherwise with delegated authority and be available for contact, even during after office & school hours
  • To liaise with schools and boarding on holiday arrangements, disciplinary, withdrawal matters, arrival and departure arrangement, academic progress & CCA matters and attending parents & teachers meetings

Nurturing and Guidance

Being away and growing up can be  challenging for a young person. at IPGA, our guardians also spend time with your child, answering questions and dealing with issues and giving you a full report so you will always know what is happening. We can help in areas like:

  • Self Managment
  • Financial Managment
  • Time Managment : Organizing and planning.
  • Relationship managment

One price, all in for your peace of mind.

Our founders have many years of experience working with overseas parents who send their children to Singapore to study.  We are well aware of the many decisions that need to be made you child can focus on doing well in school. we provide everything your child needs to do well and we send you regular reports so you can keep track or progress. 

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