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Read the stories of students who have benefited from our all-in-one professional guardianship services.

I am Eugene Guo. I am 19 years old. I came to Singapore in 2019.

As a sixteen-year-old, studying in a foreign country was perhaps the biggest challenge I had ever encountered in my life. Therefore, finding someone who could assist me and also provide parental protection and guidance for my growth was crucial.

When I first arrived in Singapore, my parents and I were in search of a guardian who could provide not only guidance but also a sense of understanding and support. Fortunately, we managed to find Ms Amy as my guardian.

Under her guidance, my family and I benefited in various aspects. She was the bridge of communication between me and my parents when we were apart. Whether it’s about my life situation or my academic performance, she’s always able to observe from a mother’s perspective and share with my parents.

At the same time, she also provided me with a sense of security in this unfamiliar country. She took me to the airport, accompanied me to get vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and invited me to have dinner with her family during the Chinese New Year.

These experiences made me truly feel that I am not alone here, and the sense of belonging she has created for me undoubtedly made me feel much more at ease during my time spent in Singapore.

In the past two years, Ms Amy has been both a teacher and a friend to me. We can share our lives together, talking about her adorable pet and her children who are about my age. At the same time, she also provided me with her opinion, advice, and help when I needed the advice of others. This was especially helpful during my learning process. She actively communicated with my teachers, summarizing their suggestions, and further guided me on how to continue improving.

In conclusion, her role as my guardian has been an invaluable gift. The impact she has had on my personal and academic journey is immeasurable. My family and I are extremely grateful to Ms Amy for being an outstanding guardian and for the significant impact she has had on my life.

  • Graduated from ACS International School
  • Currently attending NUS Year 1

Eugene Guo

I am Lee Ji Min from South Korea, Seoul. I am 20 years old.

When I first came to Singapore, I was glad to have the opportunity to study abroad. Despite being apart from my family, I felt safe and protected, as Singapore is a safe country.

Additionally, living in the multicultural environment of Singapore exposed me to diverse cultures and perspectives, expanding my horizons.

However, as someone who hadn’t lived abroad before, fitting into the new environment was quite challenging. I couldn’t speak English at all, which hindered me from forming friendships with non-Korean friends. I used to remain quiet and only engage in conversations with Korean people when I was staying at Oldham Hall.

My hesitation wasn’t just about my English proficiency; I also felt anxious about interacting with new people. However, my perspective changed when I met Ms Amy in the Hall. She never rushed me while I spoke, attentively listened to my stories, and supported me in both academic and personal matters.

Ms Amy also introduced me to Singapore culture by taking me to restaurants, church, and her family gatherings. Thanks to her, I never experienced loneliness despite being far from my family. She supported me and helped me navigate these experiences.

Even after I moved to another country, we made a strong effort to stay connected. Our continued friendship means a lot to me, and it made me feel like Ms Amy is another family member.

  • Graduated from ACS International
  • Currently attending University College London Year 2


Lee Ji Min

I am Wang Bing Mei. I am 18 years old. I have been in Singapore since 2018.

When I first came here, I was not sure what to expect as I had never been to another country to study before. I wanted to find a guardian who could help me settle down and guide me in my study.

I was introduced to Ms Amy by one of my schoolmates. Ms Amy was like a mother and a friend to me.

When I needed help to see the doctor, she was there to help me. When I contracted Covid, even though we could not meet, she was checking on me almost on a daily basis.

I was not very fluent in the English language when I first came and she was able to help me find a good tutor.

She treated me like one of her own children and we are still in contact even though I am in University now. Thank you Ms Amy for being there for me.

  • Graduated from Saint Francis Methodist School
  • Currently in Singapore Institute of Management Year 1

Wang Bing Mei

I am He Shi Hua. I am 20 years old. I came to Singapore in 2020.

When I first came to Singapore, I was looking for a guardian who was friendly, helpful and able to support me emotionally. Ms Amy was recommended to me by my hostel mate. She is someone whom I could trust and share with.

Whenever I had trouble with my studies, she was there to support me emotionally. During my A-level preparation, I was very stressed emotionally and physically. I had to seek a doctor’s help and Ms Amy was there to support me all the way.

I am so thankful for her and she treats me like one of her children. It is very easy to talk to her as she treats me like a young adult. She did not nag at me but advised me like a friend.

I was so fortunate to have her as my guardian and we are still in contact now even though I am currently based in China.

  • Graduated from Saint Francis Methodist School
  • Currently working in an E-commerce company in China

He Shi Hua

I am Erica from Indonesian, Medan. I am 18 years old.

When I was offered a scholarship to study in Singapore, I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I was given the opportunity to venture out by myself and learning to be more independent. However, there was also sadness since I had to leave my family and friends back in my hometown.

Ms Amy is a very kind and friendly person, so I can easily open up to her.

Ms Amy was one of my mentors in the Oldham Hall when I first came to Singapore. We often talked and bonded through our shared interest in gardening. Since then, we have formed quite a close mentor-to-mentee bond as time went by.

  • Graduated from Singapore Chinese Girls School
  • Currently waiting to enter university


I am Xie Wen Di. I am 18 years old. I came to Singapore in 2019.

When I first came here, I encountered problems with my housemate. My money was stolen and I was bullied. Ms Amy stepped in as my guardian and helped me resolve these problems. I am thankful for her help and care.

I was not very good with my English at first and she helped me find a good English tutor. My English has since improved and now I am in Australia doing my pre-university.

  • Attended Saint Francis Methodist School
  • Currently attending a Pre-University in Melbourne, Australia

Xie Wen Di

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