Our Story

A Singapore-based company providing professional guardianship services.

Whats is iPGA?

iPGA, or international Professional Guardianship Agency, is a Singapore-based company providing professional Guardianship services.

Set up in 2019, iPGA is the only company known to provide this service and is helmed by its management and team of co-founders, CEO, guardians and advisors – all of whom have extensive experience working with children and schoolchildren within the care and education industries. 

iPGA’s mission and vision is to care for and nurture the children and youth of today to become adults with good character and positive values, contributing to the community in the future

iPGA Brand Ethos

Our name itself spells out our Brand Ethos, and we would like to share this with you.

  • i is for International
because we have in our care, children and youth from various different countries and nations in Asia and beyond. We are also friendly, approachable, humble and our wards’ interests always come first.
  • G is for Guardianship

and this is the important service we offer to families who have children in Singapore. Rest assured that our team and Mentors are all carefully handpicked – they come from strong backgrounds of providing care for others and they perform their guardian roles with warmth, love and understanding. Our team mirrors the traits of an Emperor penguin because just like them, our team are doting parents, like a parent penguin embracing its chick as seen in our logo.

  • P is for Professional
our Founders and team, Mentors and Trainers, and Advisors, are all certified, established, deeply experienced and well-respected members of the community at large, as well as professionals in the area of care and education, working with children and youth, and put together, have had charge of a multitude of children in the past 10 to 15 years.
  • A is for Agency
the company and people whom you engage to care over your child here in Singapore, providing the services required in an upright, responsible and professional way. ‘A’ also symbolises a peak – for strength, confidence, adventure, and high purpose.

iPGA Core Values

iPGA is founded on and operates from a set of strong Core Values from which it will provide its services.


We care for and protect the children and youth in our charge.


We believe in cultivating individual character with distinct mental and moral qualities.


We hold each child and youth entrusted to us with regard, believing that each one is of great value and deserving, is important and is worth – the care provided to them.


We are obliged to care for each child and youth entrusted to our charge.


We earnestly advocate mental and emotional development of each child in our care.

The people behind iPGA

Every member on our guardian’s team has been hand-picked for the role. They are experienced guardians, mentors, educators, and trainers. We only pick the best to work with us to ensure your child gets the support needed to get ahead in life.


David Ang

David is the Founder of IPGA Pte Ltd. He is married to Amy with 3 children. Being passionate about raising the next generation, David is involved in mentoring several teenagers and young men in addition to leading committees to promote family lives and strong fatherhood.

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Amy Ang

Amy is the Co-Founder and CEO of IPGA Pte Ltd. She is married to David with 3 children. Deeply passionate about caring and nurturing children, she has been involved in children’s works and was a MOE school teacher before becoming a full time homemaker for her children when they are born.

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A Caring Guardian; A Personal Mentor

We combine the wisdom and care of a supportive guardian with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 mentor to support not only the education, but also the growth of your child.